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Step 1: Submit a request! 

Step 2: You will be contacted by the Day Camp Coordinator to determine the date, time, and location of your team's Day Camp. 

Step 3: Depending on the location and format of your camp, you will be given an invoice for the total cost of your Day Camp minus your deposit amount. 

What is a Day Camp?

MAPP Day Camps offer all of the benefits that come with our regular Summer Camps, including team bonding, skill building, and performance routine instruction along with the added bonus of a truly personalized approach in the location of your choice!

Whether your team is just starting out or looking for an elevated challenge, a Day Camp could be just what your team needs this summer. Contact us today to schedule your Day Camp session!

Day Camps Include:

  • Instruction of 2 performance routines at the skill level of your choice (intermediate or advanced)
  • Performance kickline routine instruction
  • Basic skills training
  • Speed Learning evaluation
  • Kickline evaluation
  • Team bonding
  • Customized focus based on your team's needs!
  • Mid American Pompon All Star Team audition eligibility for Varsity team members!


Option 1: Home Location (your school)

$175 per pommer + $50 Coach fee

Minimum of 2 days, total of 10 hrs

Option 2: MAPP Studio (Farmington Hills, MI)

$175 per pommer + $50 Coach fee

Minimum of 2 days, total of 8 hrs

+Add a 3rd routine!

Add on a third performance routine for a flat rate of $200 without adding an additional day of camp.

Secure a Day Camp for your team. Contact us today!

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